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Our Services

    Pawsitively Famous is known for supplying exceptional animal talent for various projects. We have a wide network of trainers and a database of over 3,000 animals. Our private Facebook community of over 2,700 members and large social media presence (15,000+ followers)  is a valuable asset for casting and assisting us in finding the perfect animal for your project.



 We analyze scripts to determine the specific animal talent and training required for each scene and make recommendations accordingly


Training and Prep

We provide training and preparation services for animals to ensure that they are ready to perform complex actions on set.


Travel & Logisitics

 We handle coordination and logistics, such as arranging transportation and housing for the animals during production.

I want to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for my clients, so if you're in need of some first-rate animal talent, click here to get in touch.

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