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Email Submissions

Please keep in mind that a prompt reply may not always be possible. By registering your animal via email, it allows us to keep track of the different animals and their locations. This way, when we are searching for a specific type of animal, such as a dog in Chicago, we can easily search through our email records for that location. 

Image by Redd F

Example Email

Pet's Name: Max

Breed or Mix: Labrador Retriever

Your Name: Jane Smith

Location: New York City

Cell Phone Number: 555-555-5555

Photos: Attached (4 photos of Max)

Max is a well-trained and obedient Labrador Retriever with a friendly and outgoing personality.

He has previous experience as a therapy dog, visiting hospitals and nursing homes.

Max is comfortable in new environments and around strangers, making him well-suited for work as a model or animal actor.

He has basic obedience training including commands such as "sit," "stay," "come," and "drop."

Max is also well socialized with other animals and children, making him suitable for roles that require interacting with other animals and children.

Also please include how you heard about Pawsitively Famous

                                                                      Send to: 

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