Michael E. Dym V.M.D

Letter of Reference for Dawn Wolfe

                                  Besides regular veterinary care to ensure the health of their pet, it is also the responsibility of each dog owner to have a well mannered, obedient dog. Because of Dawn's holistic approach to dog training and the positive feedback I've received from many satisfied clients, it is with great confidence that I recommend her to people seeking help with dog training and behavior problems. 
Over the years she has helped many of our clients with dogs that have behavior problems and has salvaged many dogs that owners were considering giving up or having euthanized. She is straightforward and honest about addressing their problems. Many clients need quick results or the dog has to go, and Dawn delivers just that. Her methods are humane, easy to follow, and bottom line they WORK. Producing in many cases nothing short of what I and the owners would call a miracle.
It impresses me that she performs a complete evaluation of the pet before making recommendations. She does not have a one size fits all approach. She assist owners in selecting the proper training equipment, diet, nutritional supplements, bedding, grooming supplies, toys, treats etc. appropriate for their pet to help ensure that it lives a long, happy and healthy life. 
In conclusion, I find Ms. Wolfe to be a kindhearted trainer, with exceptional problem-solving abilities. She is well thought of and an active member of the local pet community. I know of many pet professionals in this area who, like our staff, recommend her to their clientele. I genuinely hope to continue to have her as a local resource for my clients for many years to come.

Michael E. Dym V.M.D.

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